Vibrant Spring Coat

I am enamored with this vibrant blue peacoat. It is perfect for spring, especially when there are hints of sunshine peeking through but that cold chill can still get to your bones. However, I have to admit that I had been a bit wary of wearing it. As much as the Brits love the Royal family, I wasn’t too keen on adopting the Queen’s dressing style. To avoid such resemblances, I decided to wear this formal peacoat with an edgy outfit. I don’t know about you, but I’m having a hard time picturing the queen strutting around in a decolleté dropping to her navel.



The pair of black shorts have a structuredness to them that suit the formality of the coat, but the mere fact that they are shorts is enough to dissipate the ‘goody-two-shoes’ effect that such a coat can easily create.

The crop top is another one of my favourite pieces as it has a lot of character to it. It has a band around the waistline which adds another layer of detail and complexity to the look. Sweetheart necklines are very flattering in my opinion; they beautifully accentuate even the most lacking of cleavages.

I finished off the look with a pair of sleek black shoes. The see-through heel brings an element of fun to an otherwise quite conventional shoe.


It is definitely a look more appropriate for clubbing, but the coat brings a touch of irrefutable classiness to an attire which could have been overly revealing. The peacoat is, after all, a classic. It never goes out of trend and this vibrant blue sets it apart from the more staple reds and neutrals I have seen so far.

As part of your wardrobe, the blue peacoat might come across as limited in versatility, but I personally see it as an opportunity to take your fashion creativity to new levels. It can do wonders as a work coat by adding an aura of professionalism and sophistication. Nobody will doubt who is the boss! Plus,creating more mature and elegant looks has never been easier with this peacoat. Pair it with a white lacy number and demure pumps and you are set to go!

I am personally very happy about implementing this blue peacoat in my wardrobe. Whilst it certainly didn’t feel like my style at the outset, experimenting with clothes instead of staying within the walls of my comfort zone has proven to be immensely gratifying.


I’d also strongly recommend mismatching items. As strange as that might sound, I am now converted to pairing items which wouldn’t, in the conventional sense, belong together. They help create a grungy and rebellious look which nobody will be able to ignore!



Hope you have fun experimenting!

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