Spring/Summer 2017 Trends

Spring has just started to blossom on the trees and already the trends for SS17 are making themselves noteworthy. They can be easily tweaked into more wearable outfits or simply worn in their outrageous glory to make a statement!

I hope you will enjoy this porfolio of pictures from the SS17 runaway (taken from Vogue) and its more ‘wearable’ versions in the inspiration boxes both for a high-street budget and a high-end one!

Whilst being perhaps very repetitive in theme, what really drew and captivated my attention this season was the way that trends were being layered upon each other to create cool and vibrant effects. I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean as we move along.


Prints are making a bigger and bolder comeback and are ready to turn your wardrobe into a three-year-old’s colouring book. Whilst I have to admit that certain pieces left me indifferent, I am absolutely enamored by those below. Gucci and Valentino clearly ruled the print trend this season.

Valentino had a much softer take on prints which gave the models a romantic and almost ethereal look.



Say goodbye to the minimalist style…momentarily. I’m sure it will make a successful rebound and, to be more accurate, minimalism is more of a lifestyle, a philosophy even, than a fashion fad. However, the 70’s flair has definitely made itself prominent in the SS17 fashion shows: The inundation of frills and flares was unmissable.

One of the main conveniences of frills is that it is a versatile trend. You can make a statement by going à la vavavoum or sprinkle your outfit with a touch of girliness for a more feminine result. Ruffles, flounces and twirly things can be nice but, on a friendly note, unless you often time travel to the 18th Century, looking like Louis IXV is not considered too appealing!



Nobody could be more excited to witness the resuscitation of the lace! It was the craze of 2015 and early 2016 but eventually faded from the limelight and went through a silent death. Not to worry however! Like a true revenant, it is making a royal comeback in the stores. I, for one, cannot wait to start wrapping myself in it again (not that I ever stopped to be honest!). Delicate, subtle and immensely sensual, lace should be a year-long wardrobe-staple in my opinion!








Stripes are keeping level in the competition of SS17 trends. They are one of those flattering fashion statements which help to elongate the silhouette and add grace to your step.





Florals are one of those staples in spring and summer. Versatile, full of pep, feminine and elegant; they give a true boost to the appearance and help welcome spring in the right mood and with the right attitude. At least, it is the case for me. Florals tend to come in all colours, shapes and sizes so I am sure that, with a bit of window shopping and hopefully with the help of my inspiration boxes, you will find the right one for you! They can be paired effortless with denim or leather for an edgy but chic look, or you can of course opt for a more girly and graceful approach.


Flowers can also be coquettish, flirtatious and even sexy on a dress (especially cut-out dresses and bodycons). For those of you who don’t like the cheery and colourful style, wearing florals can feel like mission impossible. So I hope you’ll be as excited as I am by a few of the sombre and more mystical spins on the floral trend in the recommendation box.





With a strong echo of summer 2016, the Tin Man look is back in this season’s repertoire of trends, and is it not a beautifully bold and avant-garde look? Well, not really avant- garde, the holographic fad is a style reminiscent of the 1960’s, but it has a techy, futuristic side to it that as a star trek voyager fan, and Seven in particular, I cannot help but swoon over. If you like the foil look, I say go for it! Just steer clear of the magpies perhaps!




Asymmetrical Shoulder

Whilst the winter of 2016/2017 (including me) raved over the off-shoulder look, fashion SS17 has decided that two shoulders is just too revealing. “We shall flaunt one shoulder only.”, it announced loftily. I’m personally not ready to jump on that bandwagon yet. Why on earth would I willingly want to look asymmetrical? It’s like paying a surgeon for a wonky nose, but who knows, the idea might grow on me.




The Trench Coat

The Trench Coat is a Spring classic, ideal for that lovely (and constant) drizzle that Spring grants us with. Burberry has shown its expertise in the art of designing trench coats over the years and did not disappoint this year either by revealing a collection embellished with key trench pieces.




The Suit

The power suit is no longer for the men only. Certainly, there is yet a lot more to be done to give women an equal foot in society but I am personally revelling in this season’s outflow of suits which exude professionalism and worldly suavity. Céline’s take on suits left me reverential: Clean-cut and crisp pieces with a dash of lace. If anything, all the suits below have managed to bring a delicate touch to what could have been austere looks.






One of the reasons fashion fascinates me is because it is very representative of the current times and culture. It can even portray political conditions and is often another cathartic release for the need to create art. This season’s trends depict boldness and chaos with a pinch of frivolity, soft pliant styles but also strength and power. All the more to be excited about fashion.



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