Know which Colours Suit You Best: Quick and Easy Tips to Find Your Undertone


Whilst the journey towards finding the perfect wardrobe is of course a matter of trial and error, the axiom that certain colours suit people better than others is not exactly true. The reason why certain colours seem to befit you perfectly and others not is connected to the concept of undertones. It is important to note this has very little to do with skin tone. If you want to know the difference between skin tone and undertone and why it is important for you to know your undertone, feel free to read the first part of this article which opens in a new tab.

In this article, I shall focus on ways to identify your undertone. Knowing if you are warm/cool/neutral is not as easy as it might seem, but nothing that a few tricks won’t help you overcome!

The Vein Check:
Go looking for those green or blue serpentines that line the inside of your wrist. They are a clear giveaway to your undertone. Blue veins tantamount to a cool skin undertone and green veins indicate a warm undertone. If yours vary between both colours you are a lucky neutral, meaning that all colours should, in theory, suit you.

Yes, we all dream of going on a beach in the Bahamas and languorously bake ourselves into golden goddesses. Unfortunately, not everybody tans beautifully. If you’re that person who burns to lobster hues and peels like an overripe mango, you are most likely on the cooler side and, comparatively, if you are that person who is envied for their tan when back from a balmy holiday, you are in the warm-tone category.

Jewellery: We all tend to navigate towards what instinctively looks best on us. If you are a silver jewellery wearer, then chances are you are cool-toned and that is why you subconsciously gravitate towards it. On the other hand, gold jewellery tends to look seamlessly beautiful on warm-toned people.

The White Towel Test: I can see you staring at yourself in the mirror with a look of utter confusion on your face. Cool or Warm? Warm of Cool? The struggle is real! Well, allegedly, putting a white towel next to your face, helps highlight your undertone. If you see yellow hues peeking through your skin, you’ll know that you are within the warmer tones and if pinkier/blue tones seem to be emerging you are then a cool-toned person.

I feel like this subject is prone to some controversy. Surely, the basis of fashion should be to wear whatever you like and how you like? And yes, I’ll be the first to scream and shout that there are no rules in fashion. However, this theory can be helpful to those who struggle to find colours which they feel comfortable in. If you feel that dressing according to your undertone is something you want to explore, I hope you find this guide helpful!


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