Portfolio 2019

Social Media Management

Content Creation and Curation

  • Create compelling posts based on industry, trends and target audiences
  • Cutrate content for a harmonious and seamless looking grid
  • Create visually pleasing and aesthetic filters using Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Plan and schedule content using software like Planoly, Hootsuite or Quick Sprout
  • Use the power of story telling to engage and create a loyal fan/customer base
  • Create fun, animated IG stories using Premiere Pro
  • Create collages and infographics using Canvas and Adobe Spark

Community Management

  • Reply to queries in a friendly and timely manner
  • Engage with posts within the same industry to increase visibility and exposure
  • Social media listening: keep on top of all activities around brand and within the industry using software like Agora Pulse
  • Participate in Twitter live conversations and threads
  • Create live videos and "behind the scenes" videos
  • Engage with influencers and industry leaders and actively search for collaborations and partnerships

Paid Social Media

  • Install Pixels to track conversions
  • Create and manage ad campaigns for different conversion goals; be it brand awareness, engagement or sales conversion
  • Use enticing incentives (sales promotion, giveaways, referral campaigns) to make the most of paid ads

Reporting and Analysis

  • Analyse and report on performance of campaigns for both organic and paid campaigns
  • Measure performance using effective KPIS such as engagement rate, click-through rate and conversion rate
  • Finetune strategies using data collected from previous campaigns

Content Writing

  • BA in English with Creative Writng (2:1) Upper Division at Brunel University of London
  • Strong SEO knowlege including keyword research and implementation, metadata, internal and external linking
  • Experience writing for different audiences and using different brand identities/tone
  • Use of CMS such as WordPress & Sitecore


Experience writing:

  • Product pages
  • Blog posts
  • About us pages
  • Social media content


Some of my latest writing:

11 Reasons you Need Plants in Your Home ASAP


The Beginner’s Guide to Zero Waste


Real Leather v.s Vegan Leather: Which is Worse?


Up your Skincare - Leluna

Working for this skincare brand was a great way of learning how to make eye-catching banners.

Email Marketing

The Birthday Hub - Foresters Financial

The Birthday Hub was a project designed to show a level of personalised care to the children who have ISAs with us. It consisted of an email campaign targeting different age groups to different sections of the birthday hub ( a page with party guides, invitation and thank you cards etc.)

The opening rate on average was 24% and the average click-through rate was 3 % which is above industry standards.


Birthday Brochure: 5 to 11 years old - Flipbook:

You can flip through the pages by using the arrows on the sides.

Invitation and Thank You Cards:


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