Neutrals in Spring: The Art of Layering


People who live in the UK have long since learnt that spring, in all its hints of sunshine, is often deceivingly cold. After dreary months of winter, the urge to whip out skirts and crop tops out of cobweb riddled closets is intense, but the weather seems to disagree with those fashion impulses. But fear not; layering is your fashion weapon, especially if you are not into the clichéd pastels and multi-coloured flowery patterns which are never-endingly associated with a spring wardrobe. If layering allows you to put to good use those summer pieces without freezing yourself off, it is still a path to be tread with caution: Bulky layers can render you into a version of the abominable snowman by distorting your shape.

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If the rainbow look does not conform to your style, trying to mix textures, instead of colours, might be the solution to vamping up your wardrobe. The problem with layering the same colour or several neutrals is that garments can mesh together and lose themselves in each other. Varying textures and material types allow each item to pop out. Both my jumper and coat are grey and made of wool, but the pattern on the jumper gives it texture and allows it to stand out instead of drowning me in a medley of grey. Playing with different fabrics brings life to outfits, so do not be scared to assort silk with denim, wool with synthetic etc.


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Add one pop of colour

I am not telling you to go full-on leopard print jeggings or neon pink dress, although there’s nothing wrong with that. Venture slowly.  Test the waters with a daring shade of lipstick or some eye-catching shoes. Gradually pushing yourself out of your comfort zone in terms of your physical appearance might in turn help push yourself psychologically out of those bounds which society seem to impose on us. And who said that dark lipstick and burgundy boots are meant for winter only? If it looks good in autumn, it looks just as good in spring unless your aim is to colour coordinate with the cherry blossoms. Personally, I don’t think anything can compete with them, so might as well do your own thing. But tread on the cautious side. Trying too hard to wear things which go against your nature might just make you feel extremely uncomfortable and shy away from eyes instead of taking in the glory!

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Play with Lengths

Short skirt, cropped top, long coat = balance. Harmony. Imagine wearing a long skirt with a long blouse and a long coat. Your whole silhouette would look like it’s about to droop into a puddle on the floor. Playing with lengths gives interesting contrasts to your outfit. Which is why I love pairing crop tops with longer pieces such as trousers and flowy maxi skirts or wearing a chiffon material with the structured shape of a blazer.

A sleeveless coat can give elegance and an extra bit of warmth without distorting your silhouette. It brings your outfit together without taking the attention away from it. It really is an excellent layering piece. For me, no spring/summer wardrobe would be complete without a skort. It means the spring winds will allow me to keep my cellulite riddled bum to myself while adding a touch of femininity to my look. Winter had me bored of the trousers and this was the perfect way of breaking the rut.


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Play with accessories

Be as subtle or make as loud a statement as you like. Jewellery can complement your outfit and can take a simple t-shirt and jeans to the next level. Play with your style and learn what you like. Throw on a scarf nonchalantly or a skew-whiff hat to appear inherently cool or carefully coordinate your jewellery to your outfit for a put-together look.

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Finally, don’t go overboard. One tip, or a few, at a time should do the trick if you don’t want to look like you’re wearing your whole wardrobe in one go!


I hope you enjoy layering. Spring is the season of rebirth and bringing a touch of creativity to the way you pair items of clothing together is a great way of welcoming this beautiful season.

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