My Winter Essentials

I might get a good bashing for saying this, but I personally love winter. I know, it’s dreary and miserable outside, but it makes being inside so much nicer! And frankly, there’s no need to be bothered by the cold when you’re well prepared. Here are a few ways I brace the weather in England without losing my smile (or my toes for that matter) to the frost!

The Military Coat
This season I am all about the military coat. It gives elegance with its length (anything to make me look like Sherlock), formality with its structuredness and plenty of cool vibes with its ‘manteau au vent’ effect.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. This is kind of a DIY military coat. I bought it last year from Jasper Conrad and when the Balmain coats came out with their big metal buttons, I swooned a bit. I decided that Jasper Conrad’s buttons could be replaced easily enough, so, after a few quick searches on eBay, I found the perfect ‘army of coats’ metal buttons, sewed them on one weekend and presto! Couldn’t have been easier and I get to fall in love, with a coat that I already loved, a bit more.

A chunky Scarf
Don’t get me wrong, I do have a strong appreciation for blanket scarves: surely we have all dreamt of taking our blankets with us on our way to work? And now the dream has come true.. for some! Blanket scarves don’t look very flattering on my petite frame. It kind of smothers me and I lose all shape and turn into an uncanny snowman. So I’ve decided to opt for the chunky scarf instead. Big enough to keep me warm whilst still allowing me to remain a size 8.

I bought this one because of its oriental pattern and airy colours. But I have a few more in the inspiration box that are worth having a look at!

A hat
There is nothing worse than having your ears turn into numb pieces of painful cardboard during the cold winter days. So, wearing a hat is truly an essential! Plus, hats are a great way to spice up your outfit, from beanies and fedora hats to fur headbands, they bring your outfit to a whole different level.

Leather Gloves
Keeping your fingers toasty during winter is as important as keeping the rest of your body warm. I think leather gloves are a great way of keeping warm whilst keeping a sophisticated look. A must-have in both the ladies and the gentleman’s wardrobe in my opinion!

Knee-high socks
Saying that thigh-high boots are in trend this season would be an understatement! They are everywhere and obviously plastered on the legs of all fashion bloggers. However, I personally think that thigh-high boots are to be approached with wariness. Not choosing the right ones can easily turn into an unflattering disaster. They have to fit your shape well and not create all kinds of rumples and creases like some kind of morphing caterpillar. I have to admit that I’m still on the hunt for the perfect one, but, in the meantime, I am quite happy with knee-high socks. They create a sexy effect when layered over tights and add an extra layer of warmth. So you can wear your skirts in all comfort as they hug the curves of the leg perfectly. Plus, you can wear them with flats or heels whilst still maintaining that thigh-high classiness!


The jumper dress
The jumper dress is another one of my winter staples and is the more feminine version of a jumper. You can get them in all kinds of fabric and thickness. So rest assured, you will be kept warm. Pair them with a good pair of leggings and boots and you are good to go!

Cashmere Jumper
I honestly believe that a cashmere jumper is the one item that is definitely worth the splurge. Its softness, cosiness and sheer warmth will bring you to a different world of comfort. I don’t even need to wear a scarf when I’m wearing my cashmere jumper and can even afford to forget my coat and still stay cosy and warm. No need to add layers and layers to your outfit with the cashmere jumper: Simply slip it on with a pair of jeans and you can get out the door within an instant!

I am well aware of having layered the cashmere jumper over a thousand clothes in this post, but this is uniquely for the purpose of this blog post. I would usually sport each of those items mentioned here differently. Since we’re on the subject, keep an eye out for my winter lookbook!

Comfy boots
I absolutely adore my heeled boots. Perched on my heels, the world feels smaller and less scary. However, it’s also good to be able to actually walk from time to time. For those walks in the park or during the mad rush to work or simply for those of you who put comfort first and foremost (and I absolutely praise you!), a pair of flat, well-enclosed and comfortable boots are crucial to your wardrobe!

Tip: if you want to appear taller without wearing heels, you can wear black jeans with a pair of matching black flat boots. Since the immediate eye cannot see the demarcation at the ankles, an illusion of more length is created!

Let me know what your winter essentials are (fashion related or not); you might convert me too!





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