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Komodo Flips Flops – An Honest Review

Komodo is not a start-up which suddenly realised the huge market opportunity that sustainable fashion now presents.


Nor is it one of those well-established brands who’s suddenly jumped on the sustainability bandwagon *cough* Zara *cough* H&M, who after yeeears of being the very embodiment of fast fashion, are now trying to bedazzle us with their new-found fervour for the planet’s wellbeing.


Yes, Komodo has been around for a long time (since 1988 in fact), but unlike its counterparts, it decided to take the sustainable approach at the very beginning itself. That’s 31 years before most of us. A long time before sustainability became a buzzword and every brand wanted a piece of the sustainability cake.


For that alone, Komodo deserves one of the biggest shout-outs in the sustainable industry. Ever since I’ve learnt about Komodo, I’ve wanted to try their fashion out, but I’ve never had the chance to… until now.


The perfect opportunity presented itself in the form of my trip to Mauritius when I realised that I needed a pair of flip flops to go with maxi skirts and crop tops.


So I was super excited when I found these on sale on Komodo. It was a necessary purchase, from a sustainable brand, and I felt like I had just made a bargain. And let’s face it who doesn’t like a bargain??


I was over the moon.


So what about the flip flops? Despite my admiration for Komodo, I want to review the flip flops honestly and objectively. 



Obviously, I’m pretty much in love with the way those flip flops look. I wouldn’t have bought it if I hadn’t thought so. Duh.


I love the fabric tied in a knot at the centre, the colour combinations and the nature print.


I think it’s pretty unique, and I can truly appreciate the creativity that went behind this design. 


Komodo is a sustainable brand all around.


For this particular pair of flip flops, they decided to go for an amalgamation of Rayon, Recycled EVA, Natural Sustainable Rubber and Upcycled Tyre Rubber to make this 100% vegan flip flop.


They’re handcrafted in Java and for every pair of shoes sold they plant one bamboo sapling onto wasteground to support a reforestation program.


Pretty cool, right?


The packaging the flip flops came in was 100% cardboard embellished with Komodo’s own custom design.


Beautiful packaging doesn’t have to be toxic to the environment, and Komodo’s one proves that. 


When it comes to footwear, the sole is one of the most decisive factors for comfort. I genuinely think they put a lot of thought in the sole. It was the perfect height/thickness with lots of cushioning so that my foot didn’t feel like it was feeling the ground. Flats, which are too flat can actually be quite painful for the feet, and obviously high heels bring their own share of pain. They were ideal for lounging around the pool, walking along the beach and even visiting the shops. The only negative thing I have to say is that I can’t really walk long distances in them. The fabric strap rubs against the top of my foot, and after a 15 mins walk, I had a sore patch just where the fabric strap is. The frustrating thing about this pair of flip flops is that I’ve never had a pair that hurts me in that area of the foot. And yet, everything else about them is so amazingly comfortable! They would have been the PERFECT flip flops had it not been for that. 

The challenge

Thing is, it’s soo easy for a fast fashion brand to make a pair of flip flops. Just look at what other brands have done and replicate it right?


But sustainable fashion brings a new set of challenges for the designer.


Not only do they have to design with aesthetics, feasibility and comfort in mind but they are also restricted by the types of materials they can use. Using only sustainable materials in the process of making something often means reinventing the wheel.


And because of that, I think we have to be more understanding and encouraging. We need to continue supporting incredible brands like Komodo and this honest review has two purposes:

1) Empower you so you can shop sustainably with peace of mind

2) Tell those amazing brands what I liked and didn’t like about their products. So that next time they’re designing a product, they can take some elements — that they might not previously have been aware of — into consideration.


Together we can all forge the future of fashion.


So would I recommend that you buy this? If you are looking to lounge around in them and look pretty, yes, I would. If you’re planning to walk long distances, I would recommend Y-shaped strap/toe thong (toe thong?? so appropriate and yet so disturbing), which Komodo also does.

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