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To me, a smokey eye is the ultimate sexy look: Gradients of colour meshing into each other seamlessly to give a sultry—almost ethereal—effect to the eyes. However, I have the most unbearably creasy, droopy, hyper pigmented and oily eyelids known to man and any attempt at recreating a smokey eye (or any eye look for that matter) usually ends in me resembling uncannily like a racoon and hours of brush strokes and blending culminate in me watching – disconcertedly – as all melts away into what looks like dirty eyelids.

Exasperated by this clash between my angry eyelids and the need to look like Desi Perkins, I went on the hunt for budge-proof and crease-proof eye products. Here are a few of my favourites which I believe are worth the while:

Trish McEvoy Eye Base Essentials

This is the holy grail of eye primers (among the multitudes that I have tried at least) and which nobody seems to speak of in the beauty community. It comes in an array of shades to match different skin tones and does wonders to cover hyperpigmentation (my eyelids are 3-4 shades darker than my actual skin colour). Eyeshadow application is made smooth and stays put for 6-8 hours—if not more—without creasing.

However, you do only get 2.55g/0.09oz for £21/$27 which is exorbitant in my opinion. What can I say? I was desperate. Plus, it does work beautifully.


Wet n Wild Photofocus Eyeshadow Primer

But worry not! I have since then discovered another little gem of an eye primer which costs a fraction of Trish McEvoy’s Eye Base Essentials. Wet n’ Wild has your back covered with their new Photofocus Eyeshadow Primer. In contrast to the Eye Base Essentials, it runs clear on the lid and hence does not accomplish much in terms of reducing hyperpigmentation. However, it creates a sticky canvas which allows the eyeshadow to adhere to the eye and hence increases the longevity of your eye makeup with exiguous creasing. It retails at $4.99 for 10ml/0.34 FL.OZ. An absolute bargain!


Tip: Use a skin-coloured eyeshadow to counteract hyperpigmentation. Rock it on its own to create a natural look or use it as the base as it will allow coloured eyeshadows to appear brighter.

E.L.F Smudge Pot Cream Eyeshadows

The E.L.F smudge pots come in five shades, two of which I very happily own. They work well as a wash of colour on the lids for those lazy days, but they also create an impeccable base for further eyeshadow application by creating a barrier between your delightful shadows and oily eyelids which is what I personally prefer using them for.

Colour Pop Eyeshadows:

Those are some heavy-duty eyeshadows which do not need any primers. Smooth, vibrant in pigmentation, long lasting and water-resistant, it takes a good few swipes of a miscellar water- soaked cotton pad to remove the pigment completely. They come in a plethora of colours and finishes (from metallic or shimmery to satin or matte. They cost $5 each and with such variety and quality, it is a veritable bargain!




Tip: Use an oil-based makeup remover such as The Body Shop one or simply an oil of your choice (coconut oil, jojoba oil, baby oil etc.) to take off most of the pigment before going in with a miscellar solution to remove any remnants.

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  1. My eyeshadow is always creasy and looks like such a mess afterward, I am going to try the elf one will let u no how it goes!

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