Drifted Anew, who?

Until I turned 18, I had a pretty 'anchored' vision of who I wanted to be. I saw myself becoming an English teacher in the small town of Curepipe, Mauritius and inspiring students like Ellie, the teacher in Freedom Writers.


And when my imagination had settled for the cliché, I saw myself sitting at one of those bare-boned desks, writing one of those novels dark with profundity; novels made for "true" literary readers who know that the beauty of the written word lies not in the words themselves but in between the lines. In le non-dit.


Needless to say, things didn't pan out quite like I wanted them to be...perhaps for the better. I found out that life has its own flow sometimes and that the decisions you make are not always based on who you want to be, but materialistic commodities like money and security; commodities that I didn't have to think of in my sheltered life in Mauritius.


So I took up a job in marketing in the financial industry in England.

It's a far cry from what my romantic teenage self had visualised, but I think by not taking the paths I initially set for myself, I discovered new worlds, skills and facets of myself that I didn't know were out there for me to become.


There is a sense of drifting; drifting across a vast ocean and I never quite know where I might drift to next.


As I drift, in this rickety boat, I try to find my balance, le juste milieu. For me to keep on drifting, to keep those sails up whilst also having a sense of direction, lest I end up lost at sea.


So the world unfolds and I learn every day that I'm capable of something new and as I brave the unknown I become more confident in myself.


So I left my job in marketing in the financial industry and decided to chase my teenage dream which essentially encapsulated one thing: a love for writing.

I never thought I'd ever 'put myself out there' by writing a blog, let alone make videos and throw them in a world unknown; exposed to an audience who's judgement is galvanised by their anonymity.


But along with growing not to care, I learnt to be more rational and weigh the pros and cons. Yes, I might get some hate, my deepest insecurities might become realities when someone whom I don't know has something mean to say.


But I might also make some friends; create something special with people who like to look at things upside down. People who maybe feel slightly estranged because they don't want to be cool.


People who don't want to wake up in the morning to brush their teeth with a plastic toothbrush to then rush to Starbucks to enjoy a plastic cup on the go whilst sitting in traffic and concocting a strategy on how to increase ROI so that their boss will be left in a trance of utter awe and amazement, so they can later hit glamourous bars with their colleagues; some of whom they don't really like but think are a good laugh.


That was stereotypical. And an extremely long sentence. Sorry. But the sad truth is; it's what we're very often surrounded with. So many of us never question the norm and, while it's definitely easier to be blissfully unaware, I'm happy I let my mind drift into those obscure corners where the norm doesn't feel like it should be the norm; where the "whys" resound on and on until you know that the 'norm' is wrong.

In a land far from home, the online world has become a way to share with people who might feel the same as I do. And as cliché as it sounds, if my blog posts and videos can help one person become more ethically-minded whilst I let my creativity free, then surely it is a worthwhile venture?


If there's one thing that hasn't changed over the years, it's the desire to make art. And to be honest I'm not too sure what I mean by making art. All I know is being able to do something that requires creativity and imagination is what I'd like to do. To step out of the confines of a coffin that we're put in as soon as we're born. To stray from a predisposed path made of a medley of society's ideals and an instinctive fear of the unknown.

In the digital world, the opportunities are vast, and it fascinates me, it fills me with ideas and hope, but when thinking of a name for this digital platform, I wanted something in harmony with nature.


I like to think that a soul in tune with nature, is a content soul and, for me, the word "anew" encapsulates everything that makes nature beautiful and powerful; its regenerative qualities; its constant cycle of budding life and graceful death. Nature as still as it looks, regenerates and evolves. It changes. It never stagnates for long. I want to be a ripple in the water or a pebble that skips on it before the inevitable plunge.


So, this blog is a journey about change, a journey of renewal and hopefully a journey of growth whilst drifting...in a controlled way.  It's about discovering that the way we are currently living; the clothes we are wearing, the commodities we are consuming, basically everything we take for granted, are leading us straight towards disaster. This is a journey on how to become less self-absorbed; to think about the people in far-away lands who make the things we use on a daily basis. This is a journey about caring a little bit more about our beautiful planet and the beautiful people who inhabit it.


I hope you enjoy drifting and growing with me.

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