Does GoSend Work? Hidden Costs and Effectiveness


No need to drag an empty suitcase with you on your next trip to America to benefit from the mind-boggling deals and discounts, not to mention the stores like Colourpop and Ulta which we do not have access to in the UK. From now on, GoSend has your back covered.

After trying their service, I thought it would be helpful to write a review on GoSend. It is a novel idea, and whilst it sounds amazing, people are bound to be wary of using it for the first time.

How does GoSend work?

In simple terms, GoSend allows you to shop from U.S stores’ online websites by providing you with a U.S address which is, basically, a locker in Delaware (a tax-free state). After shopping on the retailer’s website (for e.g. ELF,Target etc.) you can head to checkout where your GoSend is inserted instead of your actual home address.



There’s a glitch. Not all U.S retailers accept a foreign bank card. My Sephora order ended up being cancelled because I buying from a UK bank account. Your shopping sprees are therefore limited to certain shops only.



Unless you opt for GoSend’s VIP membership package which you have to pay $10 monthly for. As a VIP member, you are allowed your own shop assistant. On the ‘shopassist’ page, you will have to enter the URL of the products you wish to buy and the ‘shopassist’ service will buy the products for you, use their own credit card to pay for the purchases and have it sent to your GoSend locker. You will, obviously, have to pay for the cost of those purchases to GoSend.


GoSend’s solution comes with a few costs. Whilst they make it clear on their home page that you have to pay $10 per month to enjoy the ‘shopassist’ service, I had no idea that there would be additional costs to it. There is a $5.75 fee for using the ‘shopassist’ and this fee increases by 50p for every single item you add after the first one. Ultimately, your shopassist fee will depend on the number of products you buy. I do wish they had made this aspect of the service clearer from the start but, fortunately, it was not a major put-off and I thus carried on adding American goodies to my basket. You can also cancel your membership at any time which is quite convenient. Personally, dealing with the Sephora kerfuffle was a nightmare: I had to enter my bank details countless times, my order got cancelled a few days later after it finally went through, and I was asked to call customer service but had no wish to pay for an international call. As you can imagine, having the ‘shopassist’ service ended up being, figuratively speaking, life-saving in the end! Although I wish I hadn’t had to unexpectedly pay for it.

Shipping costs.

Shipping costs are calculated in relation to the size, weight and dimensions of the products. If you want to know your shipping costs before releasing your products from your locker, GoSend has a shipping calculator put to your disposition. One which I gave up on using after the first attempt. Having to search for the measurement and weight of every single item was way too much hassle. Who’s got the time for that? You’re already spending aeons shopping online! Not to mention that not all retailers include the length, width and height of their products in the description. I ended up choosing to discover my shipping costs at my GoSend checkout. Admittedly, my shipping costs came up to the decent amount of $24 (approx.) but, obviously, your shipping costs will vary upon the size and number of items ordered and might not tantamount to your expectations. I overcame the downside of being surprised with exorbitant costs by making sure I was allocating a small budget for shipping and spending a lesser amount of money on products than I would have had I not been wary of my shipping costs.


You might not pay for tax in Delaware, but there will be customs charges to pay once your parcel reaches the U.K. This amount will again depend on the type of items purchased, the net value of those products and the number of items ordered. So if you’re thinking of using GoSend, do take this factor into consideration.

On the brighter side of costs…

GoSend has a GoShop where it collaborates with stores and is hence able to provide discounts to its members. Consider it as a way to make some money back on what you are losing from shipping and customs charges. Again, those discounts refer to particular stores only. From what I have seen though, the deals are usually made with major retailers such as Macy’s or Target which means that there is something for everyone to benefit from.

There is also the fact that shipping costs are subject to discounts if you are a VIP member (it does not specify by how much though). Here again, this seems to compensate for the fact that you are paying extra for a membership.

The service.

The service is amazing and the idea brilliant. If you are trying GoSend for the first time, you will most likely have some questions at a certain point of your ordering process. Fear not! You can contact them in a multitude of ways (chat line, What’s App, Facebook Messenger and a Ticket Support.) I personally recommend using the chat line: You get to the point quickly as there is no waiting for the other person to respond to the message (this can take days). It is reassuring that you can rely on their customer support. Their FAQ page is also very detailed and their blog addresses several aspects of the service they offer. You can also easily track your parcel as it journeys across the Pacific Ocean. However, once it reaches customs office, I had to track it using the free UPS tracking service.

Receiving your parcel

There is no other way to put it: It felt like Christmas. Everything was wrapped tightly in bubble wrap which made me even more impatient to tear through the layers of packaging to get to my goodies, which explains why I have no picture of the box in question to show you! Soz! You’ll have to take my word for it.

All in all, I would recommend you trying GoSend at least once, especially if the products you are looking for are simply not available in your country or if you’re looking for branded items as the latter come considerably cheaper in the U.S.

Welcome to Drifted Anew! 

My name’s Leena, and I’ve been fighting against fast fashion for the last 4 years. I hope you you find this blog helpful. Please join me in figtht! Together we can make sustainable fashion the norm. 


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Welcome to Drifted Anew! 

My name’s Leena, and I’ve been fighting against fast fashion for the last 4 years. I hope you you find this blog helpful. Please join me in figtht! Together we can make sustainable fashion the norm. 


Get the best of sustainability tips to your inbox!

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