Adventure Bar: Review

If you happen to be thirsty for a cocktail or two whilst passing by Covent Garden on a fine evening but find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer number of pubs and bars beckoning with pictures of sumptuous cocktails, here’s a review of… (Drum rolls) Adventure Bar to help you in your drinking ventures!

At quarter to eight on that night, we found ourselves making our way down dingy stairs: The Adventure was to be found underground. (For a bit of context:  According to their website, the bar used to be a subterranean wine cellar, back when Dukes were still a thing.)

The bar

The bar, I have to say, is pretty snazzy. Fully equipped for an amalgam of alcohomolic drinks and with a personnel trying their best to charm and impress, Adventure bar was already looking promising. Turning my attention to the décor, I pleasantly took note of the light bulbs contributing to an overall atmosphere of welcoming cosiness . Snazzy and cosy.

The big kid in me loves watching bartenders concoct drinks, especially when it comes to cocktails. Who doesn’t want to watch deliciously intoxicating contents being shaken and poured into curvaceous  glasses with an elegant flare of the hand?  Having the sugar-coated passion fruit on my ‘flaming zombie’ set on fire is as exciting as life gets for me in London.

The ambiance.

The atmosphere at Adventure Bar is hard to describe for the main reason that it can easily go from a romantic date kinda bar to party-party hey ho. While the front of the bar is where all the fun-seekers are, the back of the restaurant, quite cut off from the rest, can be cosy on a quiet night. Tables for two with candlelight and a soft-hued lighting lure couples to hold hands and talk in hushed tones… if you don’t mind the snogging couple in the far back that is. The three times I’ve been to Adventure bar, there always has been a couple all over each other. Adventure Bar, get rooms for your customers!! Your romantic set up must be too effective!

The architecture and décor.

I think the architecture of this building is definitely one worth talking about. Certainly, the main peculiar aspect of it is the sudden turn at what seems to be the end of the room. It gives onto a concave alleyway- type of aisle, almost to what could be described as an underground train station! The brick walls and the dimness of the bar contribute to this surprising set-up. If you are reading this article and planning a trip to Adventure bar, this detail might be a spoiler. Soz! It’s just too good not to be mentioned! Hopefully, you’ll still be as delighted as I was by this unconventional twist to a bar!

The good deals!

Now, we all love a good happy hour! At Adventure bar, they call it Adventure Time (subtle huh?) But hey, with London’s exorbitant prices on drinks, you’ll be chuffed to know that some of their cocktails can be as cheap as £6. Believe me, in the heart of London, drinks don’t come cheap. London is a high-maintenance lady, you pay the price for having fun on her grounds!

Oh, and have I mentioned yet that you get a £10 voucher for signing to their mailing list? That’s a free cocktail right there (yes, they are strong real cocktails, not the diluted malarkey you get in Weatherspoon.)  And if you’re cheeky enough, you’re probably creating several email accounts right now!

The shots

Shots! Shots! Shots! Ever dreamt of cookies and cream shots, or skittle ones, how about flying sauces or bon bon flavoured ones?? Well, here is the chance to try them! They’re awesome.

The cricket

I save the best for last. We all love a good night out, but it’s not exactly adventure is it?  The most adventurous Adventure Bar can get is with their drinks, more specifically, their staple cricket drink. You read it right, it’s a cricket laid on its leafy bed in a thick ‘tomato-ey’ looking drink. Consider it as a protein shake and down it to impress your mates, and if you enjoy the taste of cricket (tastes grassy, I hear) you might as well take your time and savour it.



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