10 Affordable Sustainable Fashion Brands

Rapanui sustainable-affordable-clothes

Rapanui is one of those brands who are forging the way forward with sustainable fashion. Their print by order t-shirt process means a zero-waste approach when it comes to t-shirts. And their stuff is cool; for all genders. 

Price: $$ - $$$

There are two words I associate with Finisterre: Winter & quality. Before going to Mauritius, I bought a t-shirt from them. It was bright yellow and cotton; perfect for Mauritius. Or so I thought. First off, it’s THE softest t-shirt I have ever touched. That’s for sure. It’s also the warmest. The quality of the cotton is so good, that it keeps you warm and cosy. If you live in a country where winter has a bite to it, Finisterre is your brand. It will keep you warm and it will last you years. If you live in a hot country, not so much.

Price: $$ - $$$


Ahhhh.. Thought. Artsy, romantic and absolutely charming. Have you seen their print scarfs?? Their prints are pieces of art. I’ve bought a scarf and a poncho from them so far, and the quality of their products really stood out to me.

Price: $$ - $$$

People Tree is propably one of the most  affordable sustainable brands. Their designs are simple and elegant. If you’re looking for sustainable clothes for work, I strongly recommend them as smart/casual/comfortable is pretty core to their identity.

Price Tag: $$ - $$$


Bit of a hiker aficionado are you? No? How about skiing? or camping? surfing? mountain biking? Patagonia is a brand made for the outdoors. Their puffy jackets will keep you toasty in harsh winter conditions and their backpacks will help you go miles. I bought one of their backpacks for my boyfriend and it’s, by far, the best backpack he’s ever owned.

Price: $$ - $$$

Everlane kind of reminds me of a sustainable version of Urban Outfitters. Their love for denim and transparency is a pretty good combo to me! They’re also super affordable (can’t say the same for urban outfitters) and sustainable (again, can’t say the same for urban outfitters)

Price: $$ - $$$


Their motto is ‘dress in protest’. That says it all. Birdsong is loud, colourful, confident and joyful. I loove the way they seek to empower women. I was at one of their events once and they organised a little dance instead of having a catwalk. It was fun, sustainable and empowering. Much love from my part.

Price: $$ - $$$

Komodo has been a sustainable brand since 1988. I know, 1988! Well before ‘sustainable fashion’ was a buzzword and every brand wanted to jump on the bandwagon. They definitely deserve a lot of love as a brand. Their clothes are great for everyday wear and I can help you crease a good starting base for your wardrobe. So far, I’ve bought one of their flips flops which I recently reviewed

Price: $$ - $$$


Jyoti is a very small brand. The only thing that bugs me, is that there isn’t much of a selection. I bought a scarf and a head band from them and, once again, the quality of those items really struck me. If you are a silk lover, I definitely recommend Jyoti as it’s one of the few places you can buy ethical silk from!

Pricing: $$ - $$$

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