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I have the strong impression that the world can’t seem to get enough of boyfriend jeans at the moment. For me personally, I’m all about the boyfriend coat. This one is woolly, unbelievably cosy and perfect to snuggle in on those cold rainy days. I have adopted it as my new security blanket; no shame!


It is definitely on the oversized side which is why I like pairing it with items that will accentuate my figure; it creates balance and highlights the coat as a statement piece instead of a size-gauging problem. I think it is crucial, when wearing a coat like this, that the other clothing items do justice to your silhouette, hence the bodycon and tights.

This look was all about piecing simple garments together to create a fierce, grungy look. To me, the outerwear of this ensemble is uniquely distinctive; so much that I am not even sure what to call it. Coat? Cardigan? Bomber Jacket? Let me know what you think down in the comments! It strikes me, perhaps, as a cross between a cosy cardigan and cool bomber jacket. It screams recklessness and nonchalance at the same time and I’m not in the least surprised to find myself completely smitten by it.


Whenever I’m doing a monochromatic look, I like to play with different fabrics and textures to bring the outfit to life. This time, I decided to insert a pop of colour as well. Burgundy and black is a staple combination in my opinion, so call me cliché, but I can’t help what I love!


The black bodycon dress is one of those wardrobe essentials. You can throw it on and pair it with the first item within your line of sight and there’s a strong likelihood that it will be a perfect match. The first step towards having an exhaustive and fully functional wardrobe is to make sure you have the basics covered first.


I like those tights because they bring a tad of idiosyncrasy to usual tights and create a very cool effect when worn over knee-high socks.

For a slightly elevated look (pun not intended), I paired it with heeled boots. I don’t think words can help me express the extent of my love for these shoes. If they come across as a standard pair of black boots to you, then I must emphasise on how much character they truly have! Carefully embellished with several textures such as leather, vinyl, and suede, they make a shoe that I can stare at all day. I think the mid-rise style adds another level of character as well.


However, as amazing as the heel is, it certainly does not help walking, and for a more casual, everyday look I threw on my burgundy boots which have that great ‘lived in’ quality that combat boots and Doc Martins often exude. These are my favourite shoes; they are the most comfortable pair I have ever worn and I can walk miles in them without feeling the brunt.



I paired the burgundy boots with my burgundy bucket bag for a more polished effect, Plus, the matching shade of crimson lipstick and nails complete the outfit with a flourish I feel.



I have to admit that I am over the moon with my jewellery collection at the moment and, on hindsight, I think this look just begs for a layered-jewellery effect. From dragon necklaces to serpent rings and dainty little things that I can layer on and on, piling jewellery is just too much fun and I will definitely remedy the lack of next time I wear this outfit!


I’m also loving the messy hair look as I’m sure you can tell. I like the additional edge and grunge it brings in.

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